mFunds can be a great way to diversify your clients’ portfolios and put your business in control.

Advisors can now invest online in almost 190 managed funds through their broker

Advisors can now invest online in almost 190 managed funds through their broker

Now you can invest in managed funds using the same platform as your shares, with your Desktop Broker account and mFund.

mFund is an ASX service powered by the CHESS settlement system that allows you to buy and sell units in managed funds with the same security and reliability as any other ASX investments.

When you invest in mFunds, you get:

Fast and convenient online transactions

No paper, no application forms – use your existing trading account with Desktop Broker to place fast online orders and benefit from standardised settlements through CHESS.

All your investments in one place

Track and manage your mFund investments in the same place as your share portfolio, with consolidated and easy-to-read reporting.

Advantages over wraps

Investors hold the asset in their name and only pay for the transaction in and out. There is no fee for holding the asset and no tax event when it is moved.

Portfolio efficiency

Advisors can construct and manage their clients’ portfolio more efficiently by accessing mFunds through their broker.

New advanced mFund filters

Our new advanced mFund functionality enables you to review performance, prices, charts and fund information. You can filter your selection by: 

  • Asset class 
  • Sector 
  • Issuer
  • ICR (Indirect Cost Ratio) 
  • Fee 

These filters are available in the 'Quotes & News' tab in the Managed Funds section of our member area.

Working smarter, not harder with mFunds

ASX's mFund service is gaining more traction with financial advisers. With a number of efficiency benefits, it's easy to see why.

Watch Bell Direct CEO Arnie Selvarajah explain how easily advisers can invest in unlisted managed funds via their online broker with mFund.

Click here to hear about the advantages of mFunds through Desktop Broker

mFund FAQ

mFund is the settlement service provided by ASX to enable investors to buy and sell units in unlisted managed funds directly with fund managers via their Desktop Broker account.

The service uses CHESS settlement system to automate and track the process of buying (applying for) and selling (redeeming) units in managed funds. Investors’ holdings in these funds are held electronically and can be linked to the same HIN used to hold other investments transacted through ASX, such as shares.

To find out more, download the ASX mFund Brochure and the ASX mFund fact sheet.

Investing in managed funds with mFund is similar to investing in equities. Simply place an order online through our Managed Funds order pad. No need to provide any additional paperwork from your clients. Funds will settle through their existing nominated bank account.

To invest in managed funds through mFund, follow these three steps:

  1. Research mFund products from the 'Managed Funds' page, read the fund profile and PDS
  2. Choose the ‘Managed Funds’ option on the Order Pad and place your order online
  3. New mFund units are transferred to CHESS holdings and can be seen in the respective client’s portfolio

To sell managed funds units, go to the Managed Funds Order Pad, choose the ‘Sell’ option and enter the quantity you plan to sell.

Access to mFunds must be signed off by your licensee, to find out more please contact us at