Action multiple orders at once

Place multiple orders for multiple clients at the same time.

Multi client order pad

When speed is key

Now you can trade in or out of a stock for a large number of clients with just one Order pad and one confirmation PIN.

We know how frustrating it is to place single orders for every client when you want to sell down many of your clients from a particular stock, or buy several stocks for a particular group of your clients.

Multi-client trading is quick and easy so you can trade in or out of one or more stocks for many clients with just a few mouse clicks.

The best price

Not only will you save time when you place your trades, you'll also be able to respond quickly to fast-moving markets.

Before, when you placed individual trades for individual clients, you had to work your way down the list, often buying or selling at different prices.

Now, when all of your orders go to market simultaneously, they'll have the best chance of being executed around the current price – not the price 30 minutes from now.


With Desktop Broker's multi-client trading, you'll streamline your trading processes by:

  • Easily grouping clients who hold that stock
  • Applying the one instruction to selected clients
  • Entering multiple orders for one or more clients and submitting to market all with one PIN entry